Thank you for being with us today. We hope that you enjoy the service and perhaps may find a new church home with us. You are invited to join us for light refreshments after the service and share in our fellowship so we can get to know you better.

Service Information

We hope that the following information about the service at Christ Church will help enrich your experience.

Bulletin and books of worship and song: You will find three service books in your pew -- The Book of Common Prayer (red with a cross), The Hymnal 1982 (blue), and Lift Every Voice and Sing II (black with red spine).

The bulletin in your pew outlines the order of services and lists the page numbers to follow along in the Book of Common Prayer (red).  The the number of the hymn being sung will be announced and is listed on the hymn board to the right of the altar. Most hymns we sing are found The Hymnal 1982 (blue).  If a hymn number starts with S, then it is found in the front section of the Hymnal 1982. Hymn numbers starting with LEVAS are found in Lift Every Voice and Sing.

Children: Children are encouraged to participate in the service. There are tags at the back of the church for each "job" that can be done in the service. Children are encouraged to take a tag, which includes a description on the back.  There is also a bookcase of toys, books, and activities for your child to enjoy during the service. We know that children often find it easier to listen when their hands are busy, so please feel free to take as many items as you like.

 Holy Communion:  
At Christ Church, we believe that our altar is God’s family table. All who are seekers after Christ are welcome  to share in communion.  A few helpful notes:

You may choose to stand or kneel at the altar. Either is appropriate.

The bread will be placed in the palm of your hand. You may either eat it or dip (intinct) your bread and then eat it.

The chalice of wine will be offered to you. You may either drink from it or dip (intinct) your bread and eat it.

Children of all ages are welcome to receive communion. There is no "special" age for a child to begin receiving communion and many do so from baptism on.

Anyone may come to the altar to receive a blessing from the priest. This can be indicated by crossing their arms across their chest.
14 School St., Medway, MA 02053