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1. Faith Development ­ Trusting in God and the church, learning from the Bible.
2. Intellectual Curiosity ­ a desire and willingness to seek out and learn more about faith and beliefs as we grow and mature
3. Fostering Inter­Generational Relationships & Communication ­ valuing and learning from the elders in our church, appreciating the knowledge and perspective they offer
4. Teaching & Cultivating the Strong Personal Habits of a Healthy Spiritual Lifestyle ­grounding our life with prayer and meditations
5. Shaping Caring, Selfless, & Humble Citizens of the World ­ living a life of service, helping those in need, considering things greater than ourselves.
Diocesan Resource Day
October 1, 201g
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Holy Eucharist at 9:00 am

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Christ Church is a family parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts serving the town of Medway and surrounding communities. We come together in our life of worship, fellowship, and service. Parishioners come from all walks of life, and from many denominational backgrounds.

We are a community of young and old, of those who are firm in the faith and those struggling to make sense of it all. We welcome people of all ages and stages in life and in the journey of faith

Some of us are staid and dignified. Some of us are exuberant and wiggly. Whoever you are, you are welcome here!
We are proud of our
Garden Ministry!
OVER 100 pounds of vegetables donated to Medway House and other families!
14 School St, Medway, MA 02053
(508) 533-7171